Matching Skills and Debugging of Grinding Wheel for Double Straight Edge Machine

1. To replace the wheel, you should choose the original diameter grinding wheel, such as φ150 and φ175 cannot be interchanged at will (Figure 1).
2. Choose high-performance grinding wheels, and keep the performance of 1, 2, and 3 consistent, high and low grades will have a bottleneck effect, which is not conducive to improving speed.
3. The particle size of the grinding wheel should be connected reasonably to ensure the overall efficiency. In principle, the next stage should be able to correct the chipping and wear marks of the previous stage, and constantly approach the light.
4. The amount of edging cannot be adjusted based on experience such as the amplitude of the ammeter or the amount of noise. You should always go back to the glass to check the wear marks, and the amount of edging of No. 2 should be controlled within 0.6mm
5.The grinding wheel should adopt the working method of the front and rear rings as much as possible, and check the direction of the wear marks of the front and rear rings (Figure 2 and the amount of edging (Figure 3)). When the grinding wheel is consumed, the shape of the end face should maintain the shape and angle of the factory.
6. Water shortage is strictly prohibited during the use of the grinding wheel. Insufficient water flow or inaccurate flushing direction will greatly reduce the diamond life of the grinding wheel. At the same time, the glass will show undesirable phenomena such as intermittent chipping, glass burning, and white spots.