The relationship between the main corners and processing of milling cutters

The milling cutter is a rotating tool for milling, with one or more tool teeth. The remaining amount of the workpiece in the interval between each knife tooth is sequentially in the work. The milling cutter is mainly used to process flat, steps, trenches, forming surfaces, and cutting workpieces.
We need to choose a suitable milling tool, using rolling cut in the face milling process, with a milling cutter for holes, manufacturers can significantly increase production capacity, improve processing efficiency without investing in new equipment, and saves a lot of time And cost. The co-cooperation of the scroll cutting method and the milling cutter makes a lot of processing efficiency.The main vias is the angle between the cutting edge and the cutting plane. The main corner has a great influence on radial cutting force and cutting depth.The smaller the main dialectation of the milling cutter, the smaller the radial cutting force, the better the vibration resistance, but the depth of the cutting is also reduced.

The milling cutter has different types, and the mode of milling cutter is different. When processing, you need to select the most suitable milling cutter to process, which can greatly improve efficiency.